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WinAPE Full Features
  • Emulates the entire CPC range - Emulates the CPC 464/664 and 6128, the CPC 464+ and 6128+.
  • Accurate Emulation - Emulates the CPC+ with accurate Monitor emulation, CRTC emulation, ASIC emulation, DMA sound emulation including digitised sound effects, accurate speed control.
  • Speed - WinAPE32 is one of, if not THE fastest CPC Plus emulators available for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP.
  • Debugger - Fully integrated Z80 debugger and disassembler with full support for undocumented Z80 opcodes, breakpoints, stack dump, register modification and viewing of CRTC, VGA, AY and Plus registers.
  • Assembler - Fully integrated Maxam 1.5 compatible Z80 assembler with code generation to emulator memory or file system, and the ability to auto-run code in the emulator.
  • Support for DSK, EDSK, ARC and DSC disc images.
  • Support for ZIP, ARJ, JAR, CAB, BH, GZ, Z, LHA, ARC, TAR, ZOO and UUE archives.
  • Run-time configuration - Configuration of all settings can be performed at run-time.
  • Keyboard mapping - Any key on the PC keyboard can be mapped to any CPC keys.
  • Automatic Version Control - WinAPE now detects and downloads the latest version.

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