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WinAPE : Work In Progress
Last WIP Report: 10 April 2002

CRTC Type 0,1 and 3 (ASIC) is now about 99% accurate. There are only two demos I know of with emulation problems.

ZIP File Support

Now implemented in Version 2.0 Alpha 6. WinAPE can now read Disc images, ROM images, Catridges, Snapshots and Tape images from archives in many formats.

Tape Emulation

Implemented full support for TZX and CDT tape file formats. In 2.0 Alpha 4.

Automatic Version Detection

Implemented code to auto-detect and install a new version if available. In 2.0 Alpha 4.

Enhanced Disc Image Support

Implemented in 2.0 Alpha 10. Full Disc Editor with drag and drop explorer functionality, sector editor etc.

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