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Release Date Notes
2.0a15 29-Oct-2007 Huge update, too much to list, see whats-new.rtf.
2.0a14 17-Sep-2007 FDC Emulation enhancements and bug fixes.
2.0a13 8-Aug-2007 Too much to list, see included whats-new.rtf.
2.0a12 17-Feb-2007 Plus PPI and snapshot handling. Bug fixes.
2.0a11 11-Dec-2006 Enhanced Tape support, various bug fixes and enhancements.
2.0a10 19-Sep-2006 Disc Editor, WAV and YM writing and more.
2.0a9B 24-Aug-2006 Bug fixes for 2.0A9 plus some extra assembler features.
2.0a9 14-Aug-2006 Source breakpoints, Graphics finder, Printer support and more..
2.0a8 21-May-2006 Disassemble to File. Auto Run Disc Images.
2.0a7 17-May-2006 Symbiface Emulation. AVI Creation. V3 Snapshots.
2.0a6 12-Jun-2004 NEW ZIP and other archive support. Improvements to debugger and Screenshot saving.
2.0a5b 16-Aug-2002 Bug fix re-release of 2.0 Alpha 5.
12-Aug-2002 NEW RAM Management, threaded emulation, User Interface improvements.
10-Apr-2002 NEW Tape Support, Screen Shots in many formats, Menus, Brightness control and much more.
17-Mar-2002 NEW Pokes Database, Breakpoints Window, and lots of other fixes. For a full list, see the included whats-new.txt in the ZIP file.
20-Feb-2002 Once again, many improvements to all aspects of the emulation, debugger and assembler. Added support for Multiface II and Joystick/Game Pad. See the included whats-new.txt in the ZIP file.
4-Nov-2001 The most accurate CPC and CPC Plus emulation, many improvements to all aspects of the emulation, debugger and assembler. See the included whats-new.txt in the ZIP file.
15-Dec-1999 New splash screen, Full help system, Ability to toggle between full screen and normal (windowed) mode, Debugger, Memory Dump and Disassembler enhancements.
1.7b 25-Jul-1999 Added a new command in the assembler: run addr[,breakpoint] and activated the associated run menu option (F9). Fixed bugs in the assembler listing dialog. Added storage mechanism in INI file for open assembler files.

Other Downloads


Acornsoft Pacman A CPC clone of the Acornsoft version of Pacman (sometimes known as Snapper) from the BBC B Micro.
Acornsoft Pacman Source Source code for Pacman. Requires the ASM Library below.
ASM Library Some library ASM modules for Firmware, Key Numbers, Paletter, ASIC etc. Used by many of my source files, including Frogger.
CP/M Plus CP/M Plus disc image, patched to run with any OS and BASIC version.
Electro Forth A complete Forth implementation, including an assembler. (Z80 Source code included).
Frogger An arcade accurate game of Frogger for the Amstrad Plus machines.
Frogger Source The source code for Frogger. Requires the ASM Library above. Will only assemble of WinAPE 2.0A13 or higher since it uses Macros.
THE Disc Operating System for the CPC. Use |DRIVE with no parameters to run the disc utilities.
ParaDOS Source
Z80 Source code to ParaDOS Version 1.1
Plus Test
CPC/CPC+ Emulator test suite (including Instruction and Interrupt timing tests).
Plus Test Source
CPC/CPC+ Emulator test suite source.
Space Invaders
The closest Amstrad Space Invaders to the original arcade machine.
Xexor 2.6
CPC disc copier, explorer etc. Includes extra utilities including ARCHIVE and EXTRACT commands.
Xexor 2.6 Unprotected CPC disc copier, explorer etc. Unprotected version, can be copied to a real CPC. Just use run "disc" to start.
Xexor Source Full source code to Xexor. I'm not certain this is the correct final version.. But anyway. The disc image is in ROMDOS D20 format, so you'll need ParaDOS, ROMDOS or RAMDOS to read it.
ZACK ZACK, The ZAp-em-up Construction Kit. Unfinished game creator software for the CPC.
ZACK Source The complete Z80 source code for ZACK.

Arnold V Diagnostic Cartridge Operation Thunderbolt
Batman : The Movie
Copter 271
CPC+/Burning Rubber
Pro-Tour Tennis
Crazy Cars II
Robocop 2
Navy Seals 2
Wild Streets
No Exit World Of Sports

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